Sleep recovery is a 5 step yoga-based method for improving your sleep, deepening your rest and waking up happier every day.

We work both within nature, and our own nature, we bring our habits into balance and sleep deeper and wake more refreshed.

Align with the natural cycles of day and night.

Know your sleep type- a constitutional type that helps you to understand what you need to get into balance.

Move through the 5 steps


Learn to pull tension out of your body so you can curl up and sleep deeply. Use the sleep tracker to banish the sleep saboteurs you may not realise are getting in your way, and discover your personal sleep type to get your best rest.


Work with, not against, the circadian rhythms through Sleep Recovery’s sustainable energy tools: putting energy back on the grid when you’re tired during the day, and learn to use your manage your nervous system out of the stress response, and into the relaxation response.


Don’t try to switch your mind ‘off’ instead give it a place to rest, with mental digestion, mindfulness and other tools that enable your mind to slow down, find a place to put all the thoughts and come to rest more deeply.  


When life hands you challenges, changes and curveballs, your sleep may naturally suffer. From breakups to bereavements to changing roles and responsibilities, use powerful techniques to help you work-through what’s happening so you can get some rest.


Sometimes our sleeplessness acts as a powerful wake-up call. Re-centering yourself, finding your place in nature, and coming (back) to a sense of purpose and connection help us feel calmer, more at ease, and able to release into rest.






Yoga Therapy for Insomnia & Sleep Recovery (40 hours approx.)

This is the teacher training that brings Yoga Therapy for Insomnia and Sleep Recovery to life. Live Online, and drawing from both Sleep Recovery + Yoga Therapy for Insomnia and Sleep Recovery, plus an online learning platform and detailed training manual, this course provides both the theoretical and practical training necessary to teach yoga classes, courses and one to ones for those experiencing sleep problems. Sessions will include asana, pranayama, meditation, marma points, and consultation on healthy sleep habits. You will learn to tailor what you offer to individual needs and to work with different body-mind sleep ‘types.’The emphasis of the course is on supporting healthy sleep through appropriate holistic yoga practices. There will be opportunities for teaching practice, as well as an assessment on the final day.

Each day will include a practice of the techniques being learnt, including asana (hatha and restorative), pranayama, meditation, and more so that you have direct experience of all the practices that you are offering to others. We will follow the sleep-wake guidance we will give to others in how we approach the training day. Many who take the course notice that their sleep improves whether they are ‘insomniac’ or not!
At the end of the course you will be equipped to teach multi-week Sleep Recovery courses. If you are already qualified as a yoga teacher, you will receive a Yoga Therapy for Insomnia & Sleep Recovery Certificate and will be eligible for listing in the online directory. This is the time!

The Sleep Recovery Public Services Scholarship:
If you teach yoga in public services (NHS, mental health, schools, prisons, foster care, addiction recovery) you may apply for one of two scholarships available for each training. Check local listings for more information.

Various Locations
in the UK and Abroad

Dates & Locations 
THESE ARE BEING REVISED in keeping with COVID-19 guidance and safety

London, England @ Yogacampus November 16-19 2019 info here

Manchester, England @Yogacampus 18-22 March 2020 info here

Glasgow, Scotland @ In the Moment 5-9 June 2020 info here

Stockholm, Sweden @ (TBC 14-19 May 2020)

Yoga Therapy + Therapeutic Yoga Immersion

Explore the key elements of ‘yoga therapy’ or ‘therapeutic yoga’ in practice with this three day immersion for yoga teachers, teacher trainees, body workers and experienced students. You’ll learn to integrate yoga traditions and psychology to increase your sensitivity in your practice and work with your students and clients. We will look at the tools that can facilitate going deeper, keeping self and others safe and supported. You will have homework that enables you to digest and integrate the learning between the December and January sessions.The training curriculum includes:


  • Seeing deeper: beyond the form and the story to the roots of imbalances and conditions
  • Learn essential tools for restoring balance and health and how to address health and wellbeing challenges
  • Explore a range of common physical and mental health conditions from the yogic and clinical or psychotherapeutic perspective
  • Learn how you can integrate therapeutic principles into your group teaching and one-to-one work safely and within your skill-set
  • Learn how to see the key four Jungian personality types and the yoga practices that awaken and support each of them
  • Explore the energetic principles of the East-West chakra system and the practices that help to balance life-force-energy in each area, moving from excess or deficiency to functional, dynamic equilibrium
  • Explore the benefits and limitations of a ‘clinical’ model for understanding mental health as it relates to the seven chakras and other models
  • Learn the signals of trauma in a person’s body and nervous system; and learn key principles of trauma-sensitive practices for classes and individual work

Each half day module has three components:

1. Lecture: Explore the key concepts in the context of teaching and developing our personal insight

2. Practice: Yoga asana, breath, somatic awareness, meditations and more, both in partner work and with practice teaching

3. Discussion and Integration: Digest the experiences and explore how you will incorporate them into your practice and teaching

This immersion is for yoga teachers, teacher trainees, body workers + experienced students. Click here for more info or book by contacting [email protected]

Triyoga Camden
fully booked

Dates & Locations

16 – 17 December 2019
and 13 January 2020
9.30 – 17.30 each day

Cost: £275


I am loving how well suited your routine is to travel- despite time differences etc, I’m sleeping like a baby.

– Elizabeth Preston