In a warm and inviting environment- one that is also professionally boundaried – you are allowed to discover yourself so that you may flourish. Sessions are kept in strict confidentiality, with an upfront privacy policy, ensuring the safety and sanctity of the work. 


Lisa is a fully qualified and UKCP registered transpersonal psychotherapist. You work with Lisa in a way that is tailored to your personality, issues and day to day life, as well as seeing thoughts and habits in the context of what you might call your ‘soul-nature’. It can be helpful to understand that we, as human beings, have a tacit or explicit connection to spirituality- whatever form that may take.

In practice, Lisa works with clients on solving practical problems and shifting long-held patterns informed by soulful perspective. This involves a weekly chat that is both compassionate and challenging, often over a cup of tea. Rather unlike the old school stereotype of the blank-slate therapist, Lisa interacts with you. You may work with your creative imagination to form a deeper understanding of your life, and rely on your own body’s wisdom to heal and transform the habits of your mind and emotions. When undertaking the ‘deeper work’ things can surface that make yoga, breath work and meditation helpful tools to assist with the transformative process if you are open to this. 


Yoga therapy sessions involve an assessment and a specially designed, yoga-based approach to address your health and wellbeing concerns or condition. This usually involves yoga postures, breath practices, meditation, somatic exercises and lifestyle considerations to build upon your unique strengths and needs.Yoga therapy aims to help you feel better as quickly as possible- and to empower you to care for yourself, moving towards holistic health in the longer term. This approach works most optimally if you are willing to practice, even a bit, between sessions. The results of the personal attention and self-practice of just a few minutes a day can be incredible.

What’s on offer?

+ Sleep Recovery + yoga for insomnia- The knowledge tools and resources in Lisa’s book Yoga Therapy for Insomnia & Sleep Recovery and in Sleep Recovery come to life in a one to one setting, and what is most useful to your unique situation is brought to the fore.

+ Yoga therapeutics- addressing stress, anxiety, depression, injuries, pain or alignment difficulties from a holistic body-mind-spirit perspective, with development of a personal therapeutic practice.

+ Teacher trainee and yoga teacher/ yoga therapist mentoring are available;

+ Consultation on body-mind techniques for psychotherapists and counsellors.


After the initial session, you may continue with regular sessions. Greatest progress is made when sessions are regularly timed and momentum can build. Most of Lisa’s private clients/ students book initial class packs of 6 sessions and if they choose to continue, do so with a monthly block-booking to ensure continuity as they work towards particular objectives.

Yoga therapy, counselling and psychotherapy sessions are by appointment via Zoom and other online platforms, as well as in person in Hampstead, London, when normal services are permitted to resume in keeping with COVID-19 safety. 

Office hours are normally Thursday and Friday daytimes. Consultations may be possible by arrangement for other times. For certain time slots there is a waiting list. 


I honestly cannot express how transformational this experience has been for me. Getting a decent night’s sleep just makes everything better and is nothing short of magical.

– Patient