The alchemists of old sought to turn base elements into gold: today, a metaphor for taking our ‘stuff’- our strengths, our past experiences, our limitations, our murky bits, our joys and creative inspiration lurking in the shadows- and burnishing them into a self and a life that we love more.

I will act as your guide, helping you find the vein of gold, mining it, refining it and helping you to create durable beauty in your life.



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I am a researcher. A sociologist and qualitative researcher with my training background in post-colonial liberation studies, social justice, women’s studies, and social movements. I am a relentless seeker for concepts that guide practice, and tools that work. I learn through introspection and close communication with students, trainees, and clients, as well as research: medical + sociological journal articles.

I will teach you the tools to help you manage your body – meeting the need to feel safe and nourished, strong and integral. When we are in unnecessary pain or under tension, we are often far less generous and feel less fulfilled. Pain often causes us to seek solutions and to grow, so that we can get to the more interesting questions in life. The work we do together is embodied and takes us into mind, emotions, energy and who we are in a soulful or spiritual sense.


+ BA in Sociology from Brown University

+ MSc in Social Policy from the London School of Economics (public policy around public services)

+ MA in psychotherapy research with Distinction

+ 7 years training as a psychotherapist

+ UKCP registered, member of the CCPE group of transpersonal psychotherapists

+ IAYT Member

+ Yoga Alliance Professional

+ Founder of Sleep Recovery – a yoga therapy method for overcoming insomnia and improving sleep

+ Teacher of teachers – with Triyoga (200+ hour teacher training), Faculty of yoga therapy training with Yogacampus.

+ 1000+ hours of training initially in Anusara yoga, hatha yoga.

+ Yoga therapeutics training, and CPD notably influenced by the work of Anodea Judith, PhD- on bioenergetics, charge, and the chakra system.

+ CPD in trauma sensitive yoga with the Yoga Clinic UK and with Peter Levine in basic principles of somatic experiencing.

I Am Passionate About Change

A social justice seeker, I have worked in progressive think tanks, community regeneration, civil rights organisations, early child care and education, the foster care system, and in the criminal justice system. I have direct experience of working in many of the contexts (services) in civil society and seek to create change through institutions by offering sleep recovery work and helping to influence the culture of major institutions.

My interest in spirituality and psychology are rooted in the knowledge that we must be the change we wish to see in the world. Our fears and ego-positions cause us to shut down to our differences rather than listen and honour them. Championing our liberation in spirit is not separate from the honouring of all beings.

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